$300 New Account Bonus

Earn your bonus today!

Open a New Checking Account and Earn $300121

Open a Provident Checking, Simply Free Checking, or Super Reward Checking account and get a $300 bonus! Ask about our Super Reward Checking that earns 1.010% APY.010 

To earn the $300 new account bonus
, simply do these four things to receive the account bonus within 120 days of account opening:

  1. Deposit a minimum of $25 within 60 days from account opening

  2. Make purchases of $400 or more using a Provident debit and/or credit card215 for two consecutive months, starting the month following your checking account opening

  3. Have direct deposits or automatic credits of at least $500 for two consecutive months, starting the month following your checking account opening

  4. Enroll in online banking and e-Documents with valid e-mail address

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Super Reward Checking

EARN 1.010% APY010 

Super Reward Checking offers all the best features you would want in a checking account and more, with no monthly service charge.


  • No monthly fees or minimum balance requirement007

  • High-yield dividends on balances up to $25,000

  • Unlimited ATM use with no Provident surcharge

  • Up to $12 per month in rebates for third-party ATM surcharges125

  • Free Overdraft Transfer Protection002

  • Free official checks111 

Provident Checking

This is a full-service checking account with no monthly fees when requirements are met.


  • No monthly fees when requirements are met 

  • Free Provident checks (re-order one box at a time)001

  • Free Overdraft Transfer Protection002

  • Round Up Savings Program: This optional account is a simple, easy, and automatic way to save your hard earned money or pay down debt.

Simply Free Checking

Simply Free Checking is the ideal checking account if you want to avoid monthly fees and prefer a basic, no-frills checking account.


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