Overdraft Services

We've got you covered.

Overdraft services on your Provident checking account can help you avoid insufficient checking balances and prevent your checks from being returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF). 

While we don't encourage overdrafts, we want to save you from the additional merchant fees and possible damage to your credit history. Even ATM withdrawals, automatic payments, and debit card purchases are covered by our overdraft services. 

Traditional Overdraft Protection

If your checking account drops below zero, your transactions will still go through without NSF fees, as long as you have another Provident account that the funds can be drawn from — a Visa credit card, another checking account, a savings account, or a money market account. Overdraft protection is not available on ATM withdrawals or automatic loan payments, regardless of your overdraft source.

For all checking accounts at Provident, there is no fee associated with this service (aside from normal finance charges if the funds come from your Visa or other Provident line of credit). See Service Charge Schedule.

Manage your Overdraft Preferences

Members can manage their overdraft sources from within online or mobile banking

Courtesy Pay

If you don't have enough available funds016 in your other Provident accounts but your accounts are in good standing, Provident Credit Union may still approve your overdrafts within your current available Courtesy Pay limit.017

The following transactions are covered automatically:

At your request, Courtesy Pay may also be available for:

Courtesy Pay costs you nothing unless you use it. We’ll charge an overdraft fee for each overdrawn item once your account reaches a negative balance in excess of $5. The maximum number of overdraft fees we assess for each account is limited to 5 per day.

Manage your Courtesy Pay Preferences

Members can manage their Courtesy Pay preference from within online or mobile banking.

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Earn up to $500 per calendar year for referring friends and family to open and use a new checking account.

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