Savings Accounts and Certificates

Many ways to save with great rates and low fees

Provident Savings Accounts Feature

Provident Credit Union can help you save for the future with a variety of savings accounts and certificates that offer convenient services, low fees and great rates.

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Provident Savings Account

Provident is member-owned and by opening this account, you'll become an owner too.

When you join, we ask that you deposit $5 into a savings account, which represents your "share" of stock in the organization. While the share price never changes, you do get dividends on all your savings accounts and certificates and great rates on your loans.


  • Basic savings account for all Provident members.

  • Can be used an overdraft source for Provident Checking accounts

Term Share Certificates

Term share certificates are the credit union industry's versions of certificates of deposit (CDs). Tiered rates are available on most of our certificates, giving you the ability to earn higher dividends on larger account balances.  Dividends you earn each month can be added to the certificate balance or transferred to a different account without penalties.  


  • Fixed Rates (on most products)

  • Guaranteed rates of return

  • High competitive yields

  • Multiple term options

  • Bump-up and Add-on options available

  • Low minimum balance requirements

Money Market Account

Looking for an attractive investment yield without tying up your savings? 

Provident Credit Union Money Market accounts offer higher dividends than typical savings accounts with convenient access to your money. This higher-rate savings account is perfect if you want both higher rates and instant liquidity.


  • Earns dividends

  • Instant liquidity

  • Can be used as an overdraft source for Provident Checking accounts

Premier Money Market Account

Looking for a new investment option that pays premier returns? The Premier Money Market Savings account offers the same liquidity as a regular Money Market Savings, but with much higher yields, as long as you meet requirements.


  • Earns higher dividends than a regular Money Market account

  • ​Instant liquidity

Business Savings Account

This account establishes your business as a member of Provident Credit Union.

The $5 minimum deposit required represents your "share" of stock in the organization. Once your Business Savings account is opened, you can open a Business Checking account.​


  • Basic savings account for business Provident members

Accumulator Savings Account

Save now for near-future needs such as holiday expenses, travel, or property or income taxes. Experience how convenient and easy savings money can be. 


  • Guaranteed minimum rate of return  through December 31st of the current year, even if market rates fall.

  • Current rate 0.310% APYB

  • No monthly fees

  • Variable annual percentage yield (APY)

  • Maximum deposit of $3,000 per month

  • $25 to open. No minimum balance.

Youth Savings Account

When a Youth Savings account is opened, the child becomes a member of Provident.


  • Basic savings account for youth Provident members

Provident and Students

Learn more about how Provident Credit Union supports students and their families.

Round Up Savings

Round Up helps you save by automatically rounding up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transferring the difference to a Round Up Savings account from your checking account.


  • No monthly fees

  • 100% of eligible transactions matched for first three months on your first enrolled account 015

  • 5% of eligible transactions matched on this and all subsequent enrolled accounts after the first three months, up to $250 per year (Super Reward Checking not eligible for matching)

At the end of each month, you can transfer your balance to an eligible Provident savings account, loan, or credit line (checking accounts are not eligible). Or, keep your funds in your Round Up Savings account and watch it grow.

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