Term Share Certificates

Term Share Certificates

Term share certificates are the credit union industry's versions of certificates of deposit (CDs). Tiered rates are available on most of our certificates, giving you the ability to earn higher dividends on larger account balances.  Dividends you earn each month can be added to the certificate balance or transferred to a different account without penalties.  


  • Fixed Rates (on most products)

  • Guaranteed rates of return

  • High competitive yields

  • Multiple term options

  • Bump-up and Add-on options available

  • Low minimum balance requirements

Fixed Rate Certificate

Some of the highest fixed rates you'll find on federally insured accounts. Our term share certificates pay substantially higher dividends than banks. Terms range from 6 to 60 months, $1,000 minimum deposit.

Variable Rate “Add-On” Certificate

A high rate certificate with only $500 initial minimum deposit, and you can add deposits of any amount -- anytime! Take advantage of good market conditions with this variable rate 24-month term certificate. Great gift idea, and a smart way to save with automatic payroll deduction.

Fixed Rate Add-On Certificate

A high-rate certificate with only a $250 initial minimum deposit, and you can add deposits of any amount — any time. Ideal for members that want a guaranteed high rate of return and the flexibility to add deposits from other maturing investments with Provident or at another financial institution. Combine with direct deposit for an excellent way to save.

Bump-Up Certificates

This savings certificate lets you step up to a higher rate if yields rise. If we advertise a higher rate for this certificate, you can request whatever rate is current, one time, any time during the term of the certificate, and we'll apply it to the remaining term. These 24-month savings certificates have a $1,000 minimum.

Liquid Certificate

Now you can get the rate of a Term Share Certificate and still be able to deposit and withdraw funds from it when you need to. The Liquid Certificate offers:
  • Unlimited deposits: you can use automated deposits to grow it even more
  • Frequent withdrawals: once every seven days019
  • Outstanding fixed rate: even higher than many of our longer-term certificates

Deferred Dividend Certificate

This type of certificate works differently from our other type of term share certificates. A deferred certificate is designed to help accumulate money for long-term goals such as retirement or to protect funds you have already saved. Dividends for this account are paid at maturity and compounded annually.

Youth Add-On Certificate

The Youth Add-On Certificate features a low opening deposit of $50, and the ability to add additional funds anytime. This account is a 12-month certificate specifically designed for those under the age of 18. Youth membership required.
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