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Message from the President - Provident's Values

As we all deal with the current wave of injustices in our society, it is a good time to reflect and recommit to our values, beliefs, and established norms. We are an organization committed to providing equality and opportunity for all, and an organization that has zero-tolerance for discrimination and racism in any form.

While we mourn the tragic murder of George Floyd, we have an opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves what we can do to help society progress. This situation is another inflection point in America’s history of race relations. I hope that people of all races and socio-economic backgrounds will come together and work collectively to aid in our healing, and to be constructive contributors to eradicating institutional racism and discrimination. Although certainly not perfect, I believe our organization is more progressive than many, and I am very proud of the diversity in our organization, and our extraordinary commitment to providing an opportunity to all.

We can remain optimistic about our future as humans as long as we are honest about what needs to change, and commit to keeping alive that conversation. We all have a role in contributing to the progress of society, and if we listen, learn, and are willing to take positive steps forward, we can make a difference.

We have begun work to identify actionable ways we can participate in our communities to eradicate racism and promote opportunity for all. Our work will not end when the current country-wide activities wane.

Jim Ernest

President & CEO

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