Easy transfers between accounts

Save Time, Money, and Hassle

Save time, money, and hassle every month using Provident's remote transfers and deposits, including services that can move your money automatically between accounts.

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Enjoy the safety and convenience of having your paychecks deposited automatically with direct deposit. Avoid teller lines on busy paydays by having the funds delivered directly from your employer into your Provident Credit Union account. You'll receive hassle-free access to your paycheck on the day it is paid, even if you're nowhere near a branch or ATM. If for some reason you don't want the entire paycheck deposited into your Provident Credit Union accounts, use payroll deduction to automatically deposit just a portion of each paycheck.

Set-up direct deposit

Go Direct

If you are receiving a periodic federal check (such as monthly Social Security benefits), you can apply online for direct deposit through Go Direct, a U.S. Government web site. 

External Account Online Transfers

Easily make transfers between accounts you own at most other financial institutions and your Provident loan, checking, savings, and other accounts.018 Manage all of your accounts in one location with the ability to set up manual or recurring transfers. 

To add your external account, select “Transfers” from the sub menu and then select “External Transfers.” From there, you can add accounts from other financial institutions. Once you have verified the two small deposit amounts we'll make to these accounts, you'll be able to transfer from or to these accounts at no extra charge.

External Account Transfer Enhancements - Now Available

We've made enhancements to our external transfer service to give you more flexibility and control over your money. You'll be able to transfer money with greater speed, ease, and convenience. With our enhanced external transfer service, users now have the option to verify their accounts immediately by entering their login credentials (user ID and password) from their other financial institution.204

How does this impact me?

This enhancement affects consumer accounts only. Business accounts are not impacted. This enhancement has relocated where you complete and set up your external transfers within online and mobile banking. You can access this service by selecting “Transfers” from the sub menu and then selecting “External Transfers.”

If you have external transfers or automatic payments already set up in online banking, you will need to do the following:

  1. Re-add any external accounts you currently have set up
  2. Reschedule any existing/recurring transfers or payments you have set up

Our current external transfer service will be available for a couple months, giving you the time you need to re-add your accounts and reschedule your transfers and payments.

Automatic Transfers

Have funds transferred automatically to your Provident Credit Union accounts from any of your other accounts in Provident or elsewhere. Whether you are taking advantage of Provident's direct deposit, or you have active accounts at other financial institutions, Automatic Transfer can help you automatically allocate funds into your various Provident Credit Union accounts. Use it to stick to a safe investment plan, and watch your savings grow. By automating your savings deposits, you'll help ensure your future earnings. It's also a good way to avoid late payments and fees when you automate payments to your loans, helping you to maintain a good credit history. Members can schedule automatic transfers from within online banking by visiting the Transfers & Payments page. 

Once completed and signed these forms can be mailed to:

Provident Credit Union
Attn.: Account Services
303 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City, CA 94065-1409

Or, bring your completed forms to any Provident Community Branch. You may also fax your completed forms to (650) 508-0619

Create a Transfer

Provident members must first be enrolled in online banking to access this service. For more information on how to enroll in Online Banking, please click here.
  1. Online Banking: From the main menu, click on "Transfers & Payments" then click "Transfers." Mobile Banking: From the main menu, tap "Transfers" then tap "Make a Transfer."

  2. Select the funding account.

  3. Select the deposit account.

  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer. Mobile Banking: After you enter the amount, tap "Next."

  5. Select your transfer schedule: Immediate, Future, or Recurring.

  6. Review and confirm your request. To process the transaction, click submit.

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