Movable Mortgages

With a Provident Movable Mortgage®, you can secure today’s low interest rate and take it with you when you move. Our 7/23, 5/5, and 10/10/10 home loans allow you to transfer your rate to the next home you buy.207

How it Works

You have a new home with a great rate. Let's say you decide to move in three years, but rates have risen by that time. You still have years left with your original low rate, and now you can transfer that rate and term to the mortgage on your next home!


  • Available on our Portfolio Adjustable Rate Mortgage products

  • Take your rate with you when you move

  • No upfront rate differential or fees and Movable Mortgage Option is ½ of 1% (.5%) of unpaid principal balance at time member exercises movability

Moving from home to home just got easier with the Provident Movable Mortgage. Take your rate with you when you move and save. Contact one of our Mortgage Consultants or apply online and see how much you can save.

Your Plans

  • Think you might want to upgrade? You can buy now to purchase your dream house later — when you're ready to "upgrade" to a more expensive home, you'll keep the rate & terms offered on your existing loan.

  • Plan on Relocating? Think that your job will relocate you in a few years? With the Movable Mortgage, you may still enjoy home ownership & feel secure knowing that you can take your low rate with you when you're ready to move! (All properties must be within the state of California.)


  • Save Money: You can take advantage of today's low interest rates by transferring your current low rate to the next home you buy.

  • Feel Secure: The Movable Mortgage gives peace of mind, even if rates rise in the next few years.

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