Mortgage Calculators

Use our Mortgage calculators to help answer your mortgage loan questions. With our calculators, you can calculate your monthly mortgage payment, what home you can afford, and much more. 

Calculator Description
How much can I borrow? Find out how much you can borrow.
What home can I afford? Learn the maximum home you can afford
How much should I put down? Learn if it is better to put a smaller or larger down payment on a home given other loan terms.
How much will my mortgage payments be? Calculate your monthly payment amount.
How much will my ARM payments be? Calculate what your payments would be with this loan type. 
What will my refinance costs be? Learn how much it would cost to refinance your home mortgage.
Am I better off refinancing? Find out what options are better for you. 
What will my closing costs be? Learn how much closing costs would be.
Should I pay points to lower my rate? Is paying points worth it?
How much can I save in taxes? Calculate potential tax savings. 
Am I better off renting? Helpful information on if you should buy or rent. 
How can I reduce my mortgage insurance? Learn the impact that mortgage insurance has on your monthly payments.
Which loan is better? Find the loan that is better for you. 
How advantageous are extra payments? Calculate the impact of making additional payments.

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