Auto Loan Calculators

Use our Auto Loan calculators to help answer your auto loan questions. With our calculators you can calculate a monthly payment, should you buy a new or used car, should you lease or purchase a new vehicle, and much more. 

Calculator Description
Auto Loan Payment Calculator Discover what you monthly payment would be
Which is better, a new or used vehicle? Should you buy a new or used car?
How much should depreciation cost me? What will my car be worth in the future
Should I lease or purchase a vehicle? Should I buy or lease?
Should I finance or pay cash for a vehicle? Cash or finance?
How much will my vehicle payments be? What will my monthly payments be?
Total loan interest paid How much interest will I pay over the life of the loan?
What term of vehicle loan should I choose? How long of a loan should I get?
Should I use a home equity loan instead of an auto loan? Is it better to use home equity to buy a car?
Which is better, a rebate or special dealer financing? Are the deals offered by manufactures worth it?
How long should I keep a vehicle? When should I buy a new car?
What vehicle can I afford? What vehicle price can I afford?

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