Credit Card Disputes

Easily complete transaction disputes within online or mobile banking

Credit Card Disputes 

Provident Credit Cardholders have the option to conveniently dispute their credit card via Online or Mobile Banking. 

How to Dispute a Credit Card Transaction

Provident members must first be enrolled in online banking to access this service. For more information on how to enroll in Online Banking, please click here.
  1. Once signed-on to Online Banking, select the credit card inquiring in the Accounts page.

  2. Review the posted transaction in the transaction history table to verify and determine if the transaction needs to be disputed. Select the transaction that needs to be disputed. Online Banking: Click on the ! icon next to the transaction you want to dispute. Mobile Banking: Tap on the transaction you wish to dispute and then tap the blue dispute button within the transaction details pop up.

  3. From the "Type of Dispute" drop down menu, select one of the following reasons. Once the information has been completed, the click or tap send.

  1. Desktop View 1 Mobile View 1
  2. Desktop View 2 Mobile View 2
  3. Desktop View 3 Mobile View 3

A dispute specialist will contact you if they need additional information within 15 days. A letter will also be mailed with details of the dispute and if additional supporting documents need to be submitted. If additional supporting documents (receipts, agreements, etc.) need to be submitted, you can do so by faxing it to (727) 571-4598 or by emailing it to

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