Guard Against Romance Scams




Guard Against Romance Scams

Be cautious when receiving greetings from unfamiliar names on social media and in your mail. Some of these messages might be from scammers, and here's how to recognize and avoid them:

  1. Phony Identities: Scammers often pose as military personnel, claiming to be Marines, soldiers, admirals, generals, diplomats, or surgeons. They say they can't show their faces because they're in places like Afghanistan, Ukraine, or South Sudan. Be skeptical of such claims.

  2. Expressing Love Quickly: Watch out for individuals who claim to be in love with you or propose marriage soon after connecting. These scammers may engage in daily chats but quickly surprise you with declarations of love. Don't believe them and remain cautious.

  3. Expensive Favors: Scammers may ask for costly favors, such as requesting you to accept a package of cash, gems, or gold and pay a fake "shipping fee." They might also ask for new phones, gift cards, or presents, claiming they need assistance for various reasons. Be wary of such requests, especially if they come with subsequent demands.

  4. Requests for Money: Scammers almost always ask for money, citing reasons like lost airline tickets, visa issues, medical emergencies, or blocked accounts. They may promise to visit you but claim they need financial help to overcome obstacles. If your online contact asks for money, it's a red flag. Additionally, be cautious of anyone requesting account numbers, gift cards, wire transfers, or payments through apps or cryptocurrency.

Stay vigilant and avoid sharing personal information or sending money to individuals you've met online, especially if their requests seem suspicious or too good to be true. If you think someone might be trying to scam you, stop talking to them. Report it to the app or social media site you're using and let the FTC know at

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