National Financial Awareness Day




National Financial Awareness Day

National Financial Awareness day is celebrated on August 14 annually. It is a day to focus on your financial health and plan for a better financial future. Provident and our financial wellness partner, Enrich, are here to help. Here are 4 steps you can take to be in control of your finances:

1. Analyze your savings
Take a look at your savings account and ask yourself if you have enough saved in an event of an emergency or if you're on track for retirement. Use our free calculator to see if you're saving enough for your future. Enrich's free “Emergency Fund” tool will guide you through preparing for an emergency, including an analysis of how much you should save (and when to start).

2. Building and sticking to a budget
Track all of your income and expenses. With a better understanding of your true spending habits, look for opportunities on where you can reduce expenses such as canceling subscriptions or reduce eating out. Budgets only work when you stick to them, so avoid making unnecessary purchases. If you’ve been struggling to find a budget that works, Enrich's free “Creating a Budget (and Sticking to It)” course can help.

3. Improve your credit 
Your credit score is a representation of your financial history. Your credit score will determine your eligibility and terms when obtaining an auto loan, mortgage loan, or even a credit card. Use Provident's free credit score tool to understand and manage your credit score. Enrich's free "Mastering Credit and Optimizing Your Score" course can help you manage debt for an optimal credit score.

4. Strengthen your financial literacy
It is never too early (or too late) to build up your financial literacy skills. We've partnered with Enrich — your free financial wellness center — to offer you access to free courses, calculators and worksheets to help hit your financial milestones.

We're Here to Help
We want to help you take control of your money and feel confident about your choices. Schedule a free appointment with one of our Certified Financial Coaches or experienced Investment Consultants to navigate your financial journey.