Provident USF Student Organization Grants




Provident USF Student Organization Grants

Beginning in 2021, Provident Credit Union launched a student organization grant program to award $500 scholarships to USF student organizations for the use of fulfilling their education or community awareness objective. Provident is a community based credit union with its roots deeply ingrained in education and community involvement.

Provident has previously awarded the scholarship grant to five USF student organizations that have either made a significant impact in their community or have made advancements in education, cultural or social responsibility and awareness. Provident, represented by Fred Gomes, Senior Vice President and Joshua Melander, Business Development Manager, awarded the scholarship grant to the following seven USF student organizations at this year's ceremony:
  • NOMAS - Helps strengthen the minority architecture community on USF's campus while also helping our fellow members create opportunities for themselves outside of campus
  • Pi Kappa Phi - Create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.
  • Black Student Union - Fosters community and unity among students of the African Diaspora on the University campus as well as focus on exploring and examining the identity, history, issues and culture of the African diaspora. This purpose does not contradict the University’s mission or its Catholic, Jesuit character.
  • Student Society of Pediatric Nursing - The mission of the Student Society of Pediatric Nursing (SSPN) at the University of San Francisco is to foster the transformation from student nurse to pediatric nurse through leadership opportunities, professional development, public service, and education.
  • School of Management Honors Program - The School of Management Honors Society facilitates the growth of high-achieving undergraduate business students as both individuals and members of society through its four pillars: social, professional, academic, and service.
  • Green Club - Partner with Habitat for Humanity (H4H) and Grid Alternatives (GA) to conduct a seminar about their programs and what they do to support low and middle-income communities. This will educate the USF community to participate in environmental and social justice programs run by these organizations and also equip them with the right tools and help them in skill development for on-ground initiatives like solar rooftop installations and government incentives for the disadvantaged community.
  • Sister Connection - Sister Connection is an organization that fosters a community for Black-identifying women at USF. We value healing, self, reflection, growth, self-care, as well as mutual empowerment and support for Black identifying women.