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Provident — Outstanding Financial Strength

Provident is one of the biggest (21st largest credit union in California and 100th largest in the U.S.) and most secure credit unions in the country well positioned to continue to assist our members through any economic storm. Our financial strength is demonstrated by the following:

  • Provident is one of the Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in the country, as rated by, with a rating of "A+". evaluates all federally insured banks and credit unions on factors such as capitalization, deposit growth, and loan-to-reserve ratios to determine a comprehensive health score. This impressive accomplishment highlights Provident’s consistency and financial strength. Read the press release

  • Earning and maintaining Bauer's Top, 5-Star Rating continuously for over 25 years, gives the added distinction of "Best of Bauer Credit Union". Read the latest BauerFinancial press release.

  • Provident is backed by the strongest federal deposit insurance in the industry through the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). This insurance — the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund) — fully insures all member deposits to at least $250,000 with an additional $250,000 insurance for Individual Retirement Accounts.

  • Provident's continued high levels of capital are proof of its financial strength and its ability to weather any financial storm. The National Credit Union Administration considers a credit union with 7% net worth as "well capitalized". Provident far exceeds this number with over 11% in net worth.

  • Further, your deposits remain insured to the highest levels ever.

Rest assured that your money is safe and sound and insured with us. Provident continues to operate with the same common sense, conservative approach we have followed throughout our 70 year history. Please be sure to contact us if we can answer any questions or concerns for you.

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