Balance Transfers

Transfer Your Balances and Save

Save money by transferring balances from other lenders or individuals to a Provident Credit Card.092 Balance transfers can help lower your monthly payments by turning multiple bills into one payment. 

A balance transfer can provide peace of mind and give you the power to:

  • Pay off another credit card, individual or loan

  • Fund large expenses such as home improvements or vacation

  • Cover emergencies

How to Submit a Balance Transfer Request

If you need to consolidate debt or lower your finance charges, you can now easily do so within online banking and our mobile app. Alternatively, you can call Provident Credit Union at (800) 632-4600 or visit a local Provident community branch to complete your balance transfer request.

  1. Simply sign on to online banking and select Balance Transfer from the action gear menu or in the transfer page located on the main menu. 

  2. From the Balance Transfer page, input the following information:

    • Creditor’s Zip Code

    • Creditor’s Account Number

    • Payment Amount

  3. Select Verify Lender and follow the prompts to complete your transfer.

Please note that it may take up to 2-3 weeks for your creditor to apply payment. Please continue making payments until your transfer is complete and reflected on your creditors statement.

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