User Controls Guide

Secondary User Access

Provident’s new User Controls allow business members the option to add and remove secondary users to view and access their account(s) through online and mobile banking. You must be a business accountholder enrolled in online banking to access User Controls and add secondary users.

To enable this service, sign-on to online or mobile banking and submit a request to add an additional user via the Secure form.  To access the Secure Forms,  in desktop click on your name in the top menu or select the main menu in the mobile app , then select “Messages & Forms” followed by “Secure Forms.

Adding a New Secondary User:

You will need the following information when adding a new secondary user:

  • First, Middle (if applicable), Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number

  • E-Mail Address

  • Phone Number (home and mobile)​

  • Street Address, City, State, Zip

  1. Once signed in to online or mobile banking, select “Settings” and then “Users” from the navigation menu..

  2. Click the “Add User Button”, create your secondary’s User ID and temporary password, then input the required information and save.

  3. Set your new secondary user’s access based on the account(s) and services within online and mobile banking you want them to be able to view.

Edit / Remove an Existing User:

  • To edit an existing secondary user’s personal information, click the pencil icon 

  • To edit a secondary user’s controls, click the keys icon

  • To delete a secondary user, click on the red "x" icon


Secondary User Access



Yes, a secondary user will mostly have the same viewable access as the accountholder(s). Unchecking the "View" checkbox on individual accounts will remove this access for those accounts. Secondary users:

  • Will have access to account numbers, account history, balance information, payoff amounts, credit limits etc
  • Will have access to text banking, which shows information about shared accounts
  • Will not be able to order checks and submit stop payments

Deposit & Loan Alerts

Yes, Secondary users:

  • Will have access to set their own deposit and loan alerts separate from the primary and joint account user's alerts
  • Can set up their own e-mail address or mobile phone number to receive alerts
  • Do not have access to Visa Alerts

Profile & Settings

Yes, Secondary users:

  • Will have access to update their User ID, password, contact info, etc


Yes, Secondary users:

  • Will have access to manage overdraft sources (for accounts they can view)

Secondary User Controls

Yes, Secondary users:

  • Can add, remove, and edit other secondary users controls
  • Can set access restrictions for other secondary users, limited to the access they have themselves

Note: This only applies if secondary user is granted this ability by the accountholder or by another secondary user.

Password Reset and User ID Reminder

Yes, Secondary users:

  • Can reset their password from the sign on screen if they forget their password
  • Can have their User ID sent to the email address on file for the secondary user

Mobile Banking

Yes, Secondary users:

  • Will have access to mobile banking, and can use their own copy of the app on their mobile device
    • User controls are also available within the mobile banking app

Text Banking

Yes, Secondary users:
  • Can be granted access to text banking