Fraud Prevention Checklist

Keep your transactions safe

Keep your account and transactions secure

  1. Use our mobile app

    • Our mobile app is the best way for you to stay on top of any suspicious account activity. Regularly review your transactions and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. 

  2. Know the red flags that signal a scam

    • Scammers pressure people to send money, threaten law enforcement action or demand gift cards as a form of payment

    • Visit our Security Center for more tips on ways to protect your financial accounts

  3. Keep your account information secure

    • Use eDocuments instead of paper statement. Enroll in our eDocument service and receive your statements and other important notices online. 

    • Never write your PIN on the back of your debit or credit cards

    • Use trusted online payment methods, such as Bill Pay, electronic transfers, or our Pay It Now service

  4. Protect your devices

    • Keep your phone, tablet and computer up to date with the latest browser, operating system and antivirus software. Be sure to enroll in automatic app updates so you automatically receive the latest security updates

  5. Create a strong unique password

    • Strong passwords contain 8 or more characters long and include a combination of numbers, symbols and upper- and lowercase letters

  6. Check your contact information

    • Be sure your contact information is up to date including your address, phone number, and email address. We want to get in touch with you if an issue arises. 

    • Provide your mobile number so we can alert you to potential fraud

  7. Enroll in Alerts

    • Sign up for Visa Credit Card and/or Deposit & Loan alerts to help you stay on top of your transactions and quickly spot fraudulent transactions

    • Receive these alerts via email or sms for quick review