Debit Card Controls



Debit Card Controls

We are excited to announce our new Visa® Debit Card Controls service. This tool allows members to block transactions should you lose or misplace your card with just a click or a tap. 

Security and Convenience

Provident's Visa® Debit Card Controls service will make handling your finances even easier. Members will be able to block purchases based on set specifications.​

  • Turn Card Off/On – Change status of card to allow or not allow transactions

  • Large Transactions – Block Transactions based on any set limit

  • International Transactions – Block transactions that occur outside of the U.S.

  • Transaction/Merchant Type – Block transactions based on type of transaction or merchant

  • Spend Limit – Set monthly spend limits

If you feel that your card may be lost or stolen, please contact us for a replacement via online banking or by calling us at (800) 632-4600.

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