Bill Pay Enhancements



Bill Pay Enhancements

We've made enhancements to our Bill Pay service within online and mobile banking. We've created a more user-friendly experience for our members, and we hope you'll enjoy the new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate and comes with a lot of enhancements.

What's Changed?

  • Bill Pay Tabs — Condensed into four (4) tabs: Payment Center, Pay Multiple, Payee, and Settings

  • Default Checking Account — From the "Settings" tab, members can select a default checking account they would like to be used for scheduling payment

  • Payment Activity — View your payment history and scheduled payments from the "Payment Center" using the "Payment Activity" tool. There are two views available to choose from: a calendar view and list view. You can also filter your payments to display only e-bills or just regular payments

  • Payees — View your payment history and scheduled payments for specific payees from the "Payees" tab. You can also add tags to specific payees making them easy to categorize

  • Pay Multiple — This option is now available within the mobile app. Use Payee tag names to filter payees when making multiple payments

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