2020 Tax Toolkit



2020 Tax Toolkit

We've made tax planning and filing easy for you. Use this Tax Filing Toolkit to guide you through the process.

2020 Tax Filing Toolkit

Provident Credit Union has teamed up with TurboTax so you can save up to $15 on TurboTax federal products. 

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Your 2020 Provident tax documents will be available according to this schedule. In addition to being mailed, they will be available within online banking for members enrolled in e-Documents.

Form # Form Description Mail Date Online Forms Available
1099-INT Interest income statement Jan 31 Jan 31
1099-R Reported IRA distributions Jan 31 Feb 24
1099-Q Reported Coverdell ESA distributions Jan 31 Feb 24
1099-SA Reported HSA distributions Jan 31 Feb 24
FMV/RMD Fair market value of retirement account Jan 31 Feb 24
1098 Mortgage interest Jan 31 Jan 31
1098-HELOC Home Equity Line of Credit interest Jan 31 Feb 24
1042-S Foreign person's US source income subject to withholding March 15 N/A
1099-C Cancellation of debt Jan 31 Feb 24
5498-ESA Reported IRA Coverdell contributions April 30 April 30
5498 Reported IRA contributions May 31 May 31
5498-SA Reported HSA contributions May 31 May 31
Note: We will make every effort to have all tax forms available to you by the dates listed above. In the event that we are unable to have the forms available to you by that time, we will notify you.

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