New Website, Online Banking, and Security Enhancements

Preview the New Site

We have decided to delay the launch of the new web site and updates to online banking in light of the coronavirus situation. We do not have a new launch date but we will communicate a new date as soon as we can. Please use the link above to view a preview of our new website and please note that signing in to online banking will bring you to our current online banking system.

Online Banking

Although online banking is not available for preview, here is what you have to look forward to.

Improved Navigation

We’ve updated the navigation to allow easy access to the tools you need. The new menu displays all of the online banking tools you’re familiar with and it can be hidden when you don’t need it.

User Friendly

To make these updates easier for our members, we’ve created a user-friendly look but we haven’t changed any of the tools you rely on to manage your finances.

Security Enhancements

The security enhancements will streamline how you log into online banking. Your User ID and password will be on the same screen and you’ll no longer need to set security questions or images.

In addition, we will also be introducing some additional enhancements to the login process and self-authentication security feature within online and mobile banking for improved security and added convenience.

Changes to Our Self-Authentication Security Feature:

Functionality of Provident’s new authentication tool will remain the same as our current system where you will occasionally be prompted to verify your identity using 1 of the following 3 methods.

  1. Send Me A Text Message: Provident will text you a one-time 8 digit confirmation code to the phone number you selected. You must then enter this 8 digit confirmation code within your online or mobile banking screen to proceed with your request.
  2. Call My Phone: Provident will contact you at the phone number selected and you will be required to enter in a one-time 8 digit confirmation code on your phone. The confirmation code will be displayed on the online or mobile banking screen. Once the confirmation code is successfully entered, your online or mobile banking page will be refreshed and you may proceed with your request.
  3. Ask Me Questions: Provident will generate a variety of security questions for you to answer. Once answered correctly, you may proceed with your request.

We highly recommend that all primary owners and joint owners use their own online banking login credentials to ensure that the correct phone numbers and/or security questions are presented. Protecting your accounts and personal information is our top priority. Please visit Provident’s Security Center for more information about how we protect you and your account.