Smart and Safe Travel Tips


Going on a trip? Make your vacation less stressful by ensuring you have more than one way to pay for expenses. Here are some tips for playing it smart...and safe:

  • Take your Provident Credit Union Visa credit card and Check Card—both are an ideal, secure way to pay for expenses. You'll have an itemized record of your purchases and the convenience of knowing both cards are accepted at over 21 million merchants worldwide. Like traveler's checks, your Provident cards are also replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • Give us a call at (800) 632-4600 with your itinerary. We'll keep an eye on your Visa account and contact you if we notice any unusual activity.

Wherever You Go—We Are Always There

No matter where you travel, Provident Credit Union isn't far away. You can always connect with your accounts day or night through Account Manager and Telephone Banking. One PIN (Personal Identification Number) and your Provident account number are all you need to utilize both of these free services. Account balances, transfers, loan payments, and more are all within reach, even when you're away from home.

Use Bill Payments

If you haven't started using our free online bill payment service, be sure to do it before you leave for vacation. This convenient service in Provident's online banking allows you to pay your bills automatically, even when you're away from home. Set them up, then take off on your trip knowing that your bills will be paid on the date and for the amount you specify. And best of all, it's free! Learn more about Bill Payments or sign onto online banking to start using it today!