You Can Avoid ATM Surcharges


Did you know there’s a way to avoid surcharge fees you’re usually charged when using an ATM owned by another financial institution? It’s easy—just ask for cash back at the grocery store.

Use your Provident Credit Union Visa® Check Card or ATM Card at checkout to purchase any item you need or want, even something as small as a pack of gum or a bottle of soda (some merchants do have a minimum purchase requirement). Use the “debit” or “ATM” option, and you can request cash back without being charged a fee. You’ll also need to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when using this option.

If you’re using a Visa Check Card and don’t need cash back, Provident Credit Union asks that you choose the “credit” option. The funds will still be debited from your checking account at the time of purchase, but by choosing the credit option, you’ll save Provident money by reducing the fees we are charged by the merchant. By helping Provident save money, you and our other members will save, too.

You can also avoid surcharges by using Provident Credit Union ATMs and ATMs displaying a CO-OP Network logo (often found at other credit unions, and now at over 5,000 7-Eleven stores throughout the country).

By the way, if your finances are tight, you might consider a self-imposed limit on the number of ATM withdrawals you make (to, say, one per week). This will not only limit the amount of fees you might otherwise end up paying in a crunch, but will help you in planning your expenditures and budgeting your money. Remember: the fewer expenses you use cash for, the easier it will be to see where all your money is going. For more budget help, be sure to check out 3 Steps to a Balanced Budget and Balance Your Budget Interactive Worksheet in our Visa Resources section.

If you don't have a Provident Credit Union Visa Check Card, request one today at your nearest branch or through our Contact Center at (800) 632-4600. You can also apply now for your Check Card.