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Types of Provident Mortgages

Fixed/Adjustable Mortgages 

Want more payment predictability than you would get from a variable rate loan? These "hybrid" loans offer a low rate that stays fixed for five to ten years, then convert to an adjustable rate. This may make the difference in being able to afford your first home, or to move up to a bigger or better home, without giving up the security of a fixed payment during the first years of the mortgage.

Which Fixed/Adjustable Mortgage you choose depends on your preferences for payment security vs. cash flow. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Call (800) 632-4600, option 1-2703.

30 year repayment period

Mortgage Period of
Fixed Rate
Period of
Adjustable Rate
7/23 7 23 Every 12 months
5/5 5 25 Every 5 years
10/10/10 10 20 Every 10 years


Up to 95% Financing Available on Fixed/Adjustable Mortgages!

Please call (800) 632-4600, extension 2703 for more details. Some restrictions apply.

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