It's a Team Effort


It's a Team Effort

Helping a buyer get into a new home is a team effort. When all the different parties involved in the process communicate, coordinate and pull together, it's a blissfully smooth operation.

At Provident Credit Union, this is the way we work day in and day out. We have a department of well-trained, highly experienced Mortgage Consultants eager to help your buyers get the financing they need to purchase the home they want as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • Lan Figueroa ( specializes in 1-4 unit homes and multi-family units in the Bay Area and keeps clients informed on all the details throughout the loan process (so you don't get any panicked late night calls).
  • Robert Kettmann, our Senior Mortgage Consultant ( has over two decades of experience and is an expert in helping buyers choose between Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgages.
  • Fatemeh Sangabi ( works with both first time and experienced home buyers and will expertly keep things moving to meet all deadlines.
  • Mo Sangabi, Provident's Senior Mortgage Consultant ( has over 20 years experience and has funded over a billion dollars in the last decade.

Provident offers a comprehensive loan program -- Rolling Fives, Rolling Tens, High Balance, Jumbo, and our unique Movable Mortgage, not offered by any other lender. This special mortgage can move with a family from one home to another, giving the buyers security and stability so they can keep up with their busy, changing lives without losing a great rate on their existing loan.

Provident is local, centrally located, and -- with 19 branches -- big enough to compete with the big guys while remaining agile enough to be truly responsive. With centralized processing, short timeframes are no problem, either.

Provident routinely has informative on-site home buying seminars and online webinars. We're always looking for realtors who would like to partner with our team acting as presenters alongside our consultants. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this and other possible partnerships with you, so please feel free to call or email any of our Mortgage Consultants for more information. We look forward to teaming up with you soon.