Auto Loan Payment Calculator


Change any of the numbers below in order to determine the payment amount (payment changes as you type!). Or change the loan payment amount to see how it effects the loan amount (and the vehicle price, if "Expanded Loan Amount Calculation" is checked), to see how much you can afford. All dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest penny.

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Vehicle Price $
Sales Tax $
License and Registration $
Down Payment $
Rebate $
Trade-In Value $
Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)  $
 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)
Loan Amount $
APR   %
Time to Repay  
Monthly Loan Payment $

Ready to Apply? Apply Online now for this 60-month $23,537.50 loan.

MBI amounts shown are average amounts for each plan type. Actual cost can vary based on make, model, year, and condition of car.
**4 years = Maximum term for a motorcycle loan
7 years = Maximum term for an automobile
10 years = Maximum term for a boat
15 years = Maximum term for a motor home or travel trailer
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