Identity Theft: Reduce the Risk by Using Provident's Online Services


If concern over security breaches has kept you from utilizing online banking and e-Statements, our free online account services, you should know that electronic access and delivery of your account information is much more secure than receiving it in the mail.

Hard copy account statements are too easily intercepted. Between the time they've been printed to the time they reach your mailbox, many human hands have handled them, increasing the risk of your account information being compromised.

In fact, the majority of identity theft happens offline, such as by people stealing your mail, rummaging through your trash, or stealing your wallet or purse. With online banking, you are required to enter a password that is only known to you, and you can check your account information regularly to ensure nothing is amiss. With e-Statements, we notify you by e-mail when your e-Statement is ready and you access it by signing on to online banking. With Provident's firewalls and the high level of encryption, your account information is secure. It's that simple and that safe.

Minimize the risk of identity theft--why not make this spring the time you give online banking and e-Statements a try. If you are a first-time user of online banking services or telephone banking, call our Contact Center at (800) 632-4600 during business hours to request a PIN. You'll be set to go in just minutes.