How Did They Access My Account?


Protect Against Fraud — They Don't Need Your Actual Card!

You've received bad news—your ATM, check card or credit card has been used fraudulently. But your card has been in your possession all along—how could it have been used? Scam artists are continuously finding new ways to steal your personal and financial information, including credit card, ATM card, and check card information—and they no longer need the actual card to commit fraud against you.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Select the "credit" option with your Check Card whenever possible (at trusted merchants) so that you do not have to use your PIN. You’ll also have a signed receipt for your records. 
  • Check your Provident Credit Union accounts frequently for fraudulent transactions. Online banking and telephone banking are ideal ways to keep tabs on your accounts between statement cycles. Report anything suspicious to us promptly.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit and use Bill Payments to pay your bills online, safely and securely. Bill Payments is available through online banking.
  • Use ATMs that are familiar to you whenever possible. You're more likely to notice something unusual, like the positioning of the camera or something that wasn’t there before.
  • At unfamiliar ATMs, take note of what you see. If anything is affixed close to the screen or keypad, like a camera or even a brochure rack, don't go any further. Report it to the host financial institution.