Is Your Information Up-to-Date?


Provident Credit Union receives hundreds of pieces of returned mail due to out-of-date information. If you’ve recently changed your address, work or home phone number, or e-mail address, please be sure to notify us immediately so that we are able to get in touch with you. You never know when we may need to reach you.

Choose Your Own Secure Password

To protect your account information even further, we recommend that you set up a password that will serve as identification when you request account information or transactions through our Contact Center or at one of our branches. At one time, Social Security Numbers and mother’s maiden names were commonly used. But these days, using these as a form of identification is something that people are concerned about, even with their financial institution. Creating a unique password is a safe and secure alternative. To select your password, give us a call at (800) 632-4600, send a secure e-mail message through online banking with your requested password, or visit your local community branch. We’ll have you set up in no time.