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Access your accounts anytime from your computer with Provident Credit Union's online banking. Best of all, it's free!

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If you're already enrolled, you can sign on from the home page or from the Online Banking menu in the upper left corner of any window of the Provident Web site.

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New Features 

Provident is dedicated to providing the best member experience, in and out of our branches. We're focused on developing new features so you can do your banking from the comfort of your home or on the go. Take advantage of all of the new features we've released to online banking this year.

Credit Score and Monitoring Tool

In partnership with SavvyMoney, your credit score will be displayed within online and mobile banking. This free new service will help you understand your current credit score, give you access to your full credit report, provide credit monitoring alerts and much more!

Learn more about Credit Score

Automated Fraud Alerts

  • Immediate Alerts: When suspicious activity has been detected on your account, we don’t wait for an agent to dial your number – our automated system will contact you by text or phone.
  • 2-Way Communication: You can take action the second you receive your alert – by texting the provided command word or interacting with the automated system on the phone; simply follow the instructions to answer questions regarding your recent card activity.
  • Real-Time Support: Our live agents are ready to assist you at any time to ensure you receive the best defense exactly when you need it.
  • What do I need to do?: Don’t delay – to ensure that you receive these important alerts, you’ll want to log into online banking at and make sure that your contact information is updated.


Save time by conveniently disputing a transaction via online banking or mobile app. To initiate, simply sign into Provident’s online banking and click the dispute icon next the transaction.

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Online Banking Features 

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect from Provident's free online banking:

Get Account Information:

  • Review your savings, checking, loan, and credit card balances and account histories
  • Filter your account history in various ways, to see just the transactions you care about
  • Receive e-mailed or texted alerts about your account
  • Check your year-to-date earned dividends for all savings and checking accounts

Make Payments and Transfers:

  • Pay bills automatically online with Bill Payments
  • Transfer funds to and from other financial institutions (external accounts)
  • Make transfers between accounts, including your Visa and loans
  • Make transfers with other provident members. To set up, sign on to online banking or the mobile app.

Manage Checks:

  • Deposit checks with e-Deposit by using your mobile phone or scanner
  • Reorder checks, stop payments on existing checks
  • View images of checks you've written
  • Change your overdraft options

And More:

  • Securely send messages to and from Provident
  • Enable/Disable Visa® credit cards and more
  • Submit travel plans for Visa® credit cards
  • Activate Visa® credit cards
  • Report lost, stolen and requesting damaged credit card replacements
  • Manage Visa® credit card alerts
  • Change your online banking password
  • Change your contact information online (phone, address, and e-mail)
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection Guarantee
  • Integrate with Quicken and other software via Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect or Web Connect
  • View your device sign-on history

The following videos are provided to help you learn how to use online banking:

Federal Regulation D

Electronic Transfer Limit

This video explains Federal Regulation D, which places a monthly limit on the number of electronic transfers you may make from your savings or money market accounts.

(running time: 01:54)

Click on the headings below for more about online banking with Provident Credit Union.

Pay Bills Online 

Provident's free Bill Manager service is a fast, easy, and secure way to manage your bills online at a single location. Payments are debited directly from your Provident checking account. Bill Manager can be accessed within Provident's online banking and mobile application. Once logged in, click "Bill Payments" on the navigation menu to access Bill Manager.

Pay a single merchant or several payees at once. Simply select the date and amount, then click the button to schedule the payment. You can set up recurring payments to pay for rent, mortgage, loan payments, or subscription services. Bill Manager features also include:

  • Fast Payments — Payees that can accept an electronic payment will receive your bill payment within one business day. There is also an option to have paper check payments sent overnight.*
  • Check Images — View images of paper checks that are sent to payees.
  • Check Memos — Include a helpful memo on paper checks — allowing you and the payee to easily recognize what the payment is for.
  • Email Alerts — Receive email alerts to keep you informed on your bill pay activity.
  • Calendar View — Easily visualize your payment schedule with a Calendar View of past and future payments.


Provident's free PayItNow (Send Cash) service is an easy way send money to family and friends by simply knowing their email address or mobile phone number. PayItNow transfers can be sent from a checking or savings account and conveniently accessed within Provident's online banking and mobile application. Once logged in, click on "Send Cash" on the navigation menu.

PayItNow is a great way to reimburse family and friends for things such as: rent, dinner, groceries, babysitting, gardening, and much more! Once your payment is sent, the recipient will receive an email or text message with instructions on how to redeem your transfer. In a matter of clicks your transfer will be sent and funds can be received electronically within 1-2 days.

* Service fee of $19.95 per expedited payment.
Bill Manager Payment Frequency Options

Bill Manager Payment Frequency Options

Watch this video about Bill Manager payment frequency options.

(running time: 01:57)


Save yourself the trip to the branch or ATM by using e-Deposit. This service enables you to make check deposits to your accounts using your desktop scanner or mobile phone anytime.

Using a scanner connected to a computer, simply scan the front and back of your endorsed check and deposit it to your account — it's that easy.

To use this feature, click the "e-Deposit a check" button on the Accounts page within online banking or "Check Deposits" on the navigation menu within our mobile application. Note: Members must meet all of the eligibility criteria in order to have access to the e-Deposit service.

Transfer Funds 

It's easy to move money between your Provident accounts and accounts outside of Provident. Access these services by clicking on the "Transfers & Payments" navigation link within online banking.

External Account Transfers

  • Make transfers between your Provident accounts and accounts with other financial institutions inside the U.S.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring transfers.
  • All transfers are free.
  • Must meet eligibility criteria.

Provident Account Transfers

  • Make transfers between nearly all of your Provident accounts (savings, checking, line of credit, credit card, etc.) even if they're under different account numbers.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring transfers.

Cross-Account Transfers with Other Provident Members

  • Transfer funds from your Provident accounts to another Provident member account.
  • Set-up is required; sign on to online banking or the mobile app.

Learn More:

To learn more about all the ways to transfer funds to and from Provident accounts, and to see how online methods compare to other ways, consult our Transfer Types Comparison Chart.

E-Documents (E-Statements and Notices) 

You can choose to receive statements and notices electronically. You'll be helping the environment by reducing the amount of paper used -- and helping yourself by reducing the amount of paper-based mail you have to deal with at home.


View your complete Provident Credit Union statement online, including your Visa credit card statement. Get your statement quicker and view your transactions for the entire statement period in one consolidated layout. View statements from past months too (going back as much as 24 months following your e-Document activation).

Most members love e-Statements as an alternative to paper statements, not only because they represent less clutter, faster access, and the convenience of reading them from any computer, but also because they are a proscription against identity theft. The majority of identity theft happens offline, such as by people stealing your mail or rummaging through your trash. Read more about how using Provident Credit Union online services helps reduce identity theft.

With e-Statements you receive an e-mail notification when your statement is ready for viewing.

Account Notices

Account Notices are electronic versions (PDFs) of the same letters and notices that Provident previously had to send through the postal system, including:

  • Term Share Certificate Maturity Notice
  • IRA Certificate Maturity Notice
  • Notice of IRA Account Annual Fee

You'll get them faster than if we had to send paper through the mail, and because they are stored securely within online banking, they can be conveniently accessed any time, up to 180 days after they are sent out.

We'll notify you by e-mail whenever there is an Account Notice available to view. When you get the e-mail, simply sign on to online banking, click on the "Statements & Notices" link, and click on the "View Documents" button under the Account Notices heading.

If, when you sign on, you have one or more unread Account Notices, a number in the Statements & Notices link of the left-side navigation bar will tell you how many—even when you are on other pages of online banking—and you can just click on it to be taken right to them. For urgent messages, such as notices of overdrawn accounts, that link will be shown in red.

Round Up video

Enrolling in e-Documents

Watch this video about how to enroll in e-Documents.


Provident alerts are a great way for you to keep track of your account activity with notifications regarding potential fraud, insufficient funds, and much more! It's an easy one-and-done way to provide you with peace of mind regarding your account activity. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS text message1. Provident offers several types of alerts that you can use to manage your accounts, including: Deposit and Loan Alerts, as well as Credit Card Alerts.

Deposit and Loan Alerts

You can set up a variety of Deposit and Loan alerts to track your account activity. All alerts are set up within online banking where you can easily make changes at your convenience. When an alert is triggered you will be sent an e-mail or text message advising you of the available transaction information. Deposit and Loan alerts available within online banking include:

  • Balance Alert
  • Check Cleared Alert
  • Daily Balance Alert
  • Loan Due Alert
  • Various Transaction Alerts

Credit Card Alerts

Provident Visa® Alerts are fully customizable and allow you to stay informed about your transaction activity. When an alert is triggered, you will be sent an e-mail or text message in real-time advising you of the available transaction information. Some of the credit card alerts available within online banking include:

  • Approaching credit limit
  • Over credit limit
  • International transactions
  • Out of state transactions
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Payment due
  • Payment past due
  • Card not present
  • And much more!

Activate and manage Provident Alerts within online banking and in our Mobile app by selecting Alerts from the menu navigation.

1. Alerts received via SMS text message may result in a charge from your mobile service provider.
Cross Account Transfer

Set Up Deposit and Loan Alerts

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up deposit and loan alerts in online banking.

Visa Credit Card Controls 

Provident Visa® Card Controls are fully customizable to give you peace of mind in the event that your credit card is lost, stolen or misplaced. Available Card Controls include:

  • Turn Card Off/On - Change the status of your Provident credit card to block or unblock transactions.
  • Large Transactions - Block transactions based on a dollar limit that you set.
  • International Transactions - Block transactions that occur outside of the U.S.
  • Time of Day Range - Block transactions that occur during a specific time of the day.
  • Reporting lost, stolen and requesting damaged credit card replacements

If a transaction triggers one of your custom controls, the transaction will be blocked and you will be notified in real-time via email or SMS text message1. Card Controls is an added layer of security to assist you with preventing and reducing fraudulent or unauthorized activity on your Provident account.

You may activate and manage Provident's free Visa® Card Controls from online banking through the accounts action menu or from the mobile app's main menu.

1. Alerts received via SMS text message may result in a charge from your mobile service provider.

It's Safe 

Provident Credit Union knows that security is important to you when it comes to online transactions, and we take every safeguard to protect your accounts. Provident's online banking supports the latest 128 bit encryption to ensure a secure environment for your account access. Unauthorized access is prevented by limiting the number of incorrect sign on attempts, by automatically ending a session after 25 minutes of inactivity, and more. The safety of your money and information is of primary concern to Provident.

With "Multi-Factor Authentication" we do not rely on just a User ID and password, but also have complex heuristics that determine if there is anything out of the ordinary about your sign on. If there is, we ask you follow-up questions that only you should know the answers to. Plus, before you enter your password, we show you the picture that you picked previously. In this way, you are assured to be on the real Provident site before you reveal your password. More information about this Enhanced Security Sign On can be found here.

Online banking lets you set a complex User ID and password using numbers, upper & lower case letters, and even punctuation. This greatly decreases the chances that anyone else will ever guess your password.

With "Device Sign-On History" you can track the date, time and which devices accessed your account within the last 90 days. This assist in minimizing fraud, if you don’t recognize a device that was used to access your account immediately contact us.

With our Zero Liability Fraud Protection Guarantee, you can rest assured that in the event your account is compromised, you will not be held accountable for any fraudulent electronic transactions made on your account.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Watch this video to learn more about multi-factor authentication.

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